About Us

Planning your work Christmas party can be a stressful and a time consuming process if you’re not in the know about the best Christmas Party Venues Melbourne has on offer. There are other companies out there, who offer the convenient service of organising your party but these services can be expensive and most of us don’t have the large budgets to afford them.

Contrary to most event management services, Christmas Party Venues Melbourne can assist you by sending you lists of the most suitable staff Christmas party venues and function rooms in Melbourne that match your party requirements – free of charge!

We are a well-known free online referral service specialising in recommending Christmas function rooms and party venues in Melbourne. Our company has been successful in matching parties with venues and organising some of the best Christmas Functions Melbourne has seen for nearly six years, and because of our success we have expanded to Brisbane and are soon expanding to Sydney and Adelaide.

We offer an informed knowledge of the Christmas party industry as well as hundreds of reputable venue recommendations. We have visited every venue that we recommend. We have a very stringent process that we put our venues through before we recommend them, including: confirming that the management have significant Christmas function experience; the venue has a dedicated functions person; the venue allocate sufficient staff to the function; the functions manager, venue manager or owner is well known in the industry or has great references; the function room has a good feel or vibe; the venue has flexible and reasonably priced drinks and food packages; entertainment is simple to organise; the venue has security or a door person to greet guests as they arrive; the venue has an informative and accurate website; the venue has free function room hire or the hire fee appropriate for the venue and many more.

Our research & knowledge has been acquired over many years and can be of great value to you as it will save you time, energy and usually money! And most important of all we will help you find the perfect venue for your Christmas party.

You may be wondering how a service like this can stay in business if it doesn’t charge for its services? We bring together great venues and people in need of great venues. When this happens successfully the venue will pay us a small finder’s fee. It’s a win, win situation for everyone involved.

We have a vested interest in matching parties with Christmas Party Venues and because of this we will not waste time recommending unsatisfactory venues or function rooms. As we make our money from successful matches, you can be assured that the Christmas venue recommendations you are receiving are all of a high standard.

Finding the right venue will determine how easy or difficult the rest of your Christmas party planning will be as different venues offer different services and once you’ve found the right venue, they can often handle the bulk of the stressful stuff in-house. This might include catering, drink packages, entertainment, security, DJ’s and theming. By giving your party requirements to us such as the guest numbers, budget, style of venue, preferred location, type of function space and general comments, we will come back to you within a few hours with a selection of Christmas Party venues based entirely on your personal requirements.
Obviously, the more details you provide about your Christmas party the more specific the venue recommendations will be. This will usually take you about five minutes and all you have to do is fill out our Christmas Party form. Compare this to hours, maybe days of internet research, walking and contacting venues and hopefully I shouldn’t need to convince you further of the value!

To summarise, I’ve listed 11 great reasons to use us, when planning your Christmas function:
1. The service is free.
2. Its online and easy to use.
3. It will introduce you to venues you don’t know about.
4. It will save you hours of research time and energy.
5. The Christmas Party venues recommended are always of a high standard.
6. The venues will include some of Melbourne’s most well known and popular party venues.
7. There is a large selection of venues to suit a variety of different styles of Christmas parties.
8. We will vouch for the venues we recommend, reducing the risk to you.
9. If needed, we can also recommend balloons, cakes, DJ’s, party games etc.
10. We offer you independent advice on venues and party requirements.
11. We can give you plenty of Christmas Party ideas that you may have never thought of yourself!

So please let us help you have one of the best Christmas Parties Melbourne will see this year!